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Louisiana Health Information Exchange

The Louisiana Health Information Exchange, or LaHIE (pronounced ‘La-HIGH’), is the state’s health information exchange. To give you the safest, best care, your doctor needs access to important information like your medical history, allergies, prescriptions, test results and more. LaHIE is provides your doctors with access to this information.

LaHIE offers many benefits to your and your family, such as:
  • Less paperwork to fill out at your doctor’s office.
  • Not having to repeat medical tests.
  • Being able to see your health information.
  • Faster, safer care. Fewer medication errors.

Click here for a guide to LaHIE. You can also talk to your doctor about LaHIE.

To see a list of doctors, hospitals and other health care organizations that are participating in LaHIE, click here.

You can find a LaHIE provider in your area by clicking here.