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Frequently Asked Questions

   EHRs FAQs    

social media1) What is an electronic health record?
An electronic health record, or EHR, is an electronic copy of your paper medical chart. An EHR lists information about the patient, such as medical history, lab results, allergies and medications.

2) How do I access my electronic health record?
Ask your doctor if he/she has a patient portal. If so, most of your health information, including your health records, will be available to you through the portal. If your doctor does not have a patient portal, you can always ask for a copy of your electronic health record.

3) Is an electronic health record secure?
There is always a chance that paper records can be lost or damaged. This is less likely to happen with an EHR. An EHR is protected by passwords and encrypted so that the only people who can see it have permission to do so.

4) Who can see my electronic health record?
Federal health care laws have set limits on who can see your EHR through LaHIE. Your doctor or hospital must give you a notice explaining how your health information will be used, what your privacy rights are and how you can exercise those rights. You should receive the notice on your first visit, but you can request one at any time.

5) How do I get an electronic health record?
Talk to your doctor to find out if he/she uses electronic health records, and if so, how you can access yours.

   Patient Portal FAQs    

social media1) What is a patient portal?
A patient portal is a secure, online website that provides you with 24-hour access to your personal health information. Your doctor can give you information about how to log into and use your patient portal.

2) How do I use a patient portal?
Your doctor can help you register with the Patient Portal. Once registration is complete, you can use the portal to see your personal health information.

3) What information is in my patient portal?
Your patient portal contains your health information. This may include recent doctor visits, immunization records, lab results, allergies and medications you're currently taking.

4) Can I add or change my information in my patient portal?
If you think the information in your patient portal is not correct, you should let your doctor know right away. You have the right to ask for a correction, but you will not be able to change that information yourself. Your doctor can explain how corrections are handled and whether or not you need to do anything to request the change. The law gives your doctor 60 days to make the change or deny the request.

5) Is all my health information in my patient portal?
Your doctor may add any diagnoses, clinical tests or medications discussed during your appointment to your patient portal. If you think information needs to be added, or that the information you see in the portal is not correct, talk to your doctor.

   LaHIE FAQs    

social media1) What is LaHIE?
LaHIE stands for the Louisiana Health Information Exchange and it is the official health exchange for the state. A health information exchange is a secure electronic system that allows doctors, hospitals and other medical facilities to share your health information electronically. This helps doctors coordinate your care quickly between sites, without having to fax or mail your information.

2) What information is available in LaHIE?
Information shared through LaHIE may include medical histories, lab results, radiology reports, physicians' orders and consult reports, medications, allergies and notes that may help doctors diagnose and treat you.

3) Is LaHIE secure?
LaHIE is designed to keep your health information safe. If your doctors are participating in LaHIE, they can see your health information if they have your permission.

4) How do I make sure my information is in LaHIE?
Ask your doctor whether or not your personal health information is stored in LaHIE. If you would like to have a copy of the information for your personal records, request one from his/her office.

5) How do I know if my doctor is participating in LaHIE?
Contact your doctor's office and ask if the facility is enrolled in LaHIE. You can also visit the Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum website, www.lhcqf.org, and see a full list of LaHIE participants. The Quality Forum website also has an interactive map that lets you locate LaHIE participants near you.